Reverse Mortgage – the under-untilized retirement income tool

You Can Retire More Freely with a Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is a lot like a traditional mortgage or home equity loan. But it’s designed specifically for people who are in or approaching retirement, so it has some added benefits—including the flexibility to make any size monthly payment you want, or none at all.

As with any mortgage, you own your home. And whatever equity is available when you sell is yours.

You just have to meet your loan obligations, keeping current with property taxes, insurance, and maintenance.

We can help you determine if your home qualifies for a reverse mortgage, how much you may be eligible to receive, and if this loan option is right for you.

By tapping into your home equity, you may be able to:

  • Access income-tax-free cash*
  • Refinance an existing mortgage
  • Repay a home equity loan
  • Consolidate high-interest debt
  • Establish a credit line that GROWS
  • Supplement your income
  • Pay for long-term healthcare
  • Cover in-home care costs
  • Make home improvements
  • Purchase a new home